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Betsy Benoit
Reading (Title 1) Teacher
Carissa Berns
Special Education Teacher
Rachel Bishop
Cafeteria Worker
Tanya Bohac
Kristi Bone
Special Education Aide
Barbie Boudreau
Second Grade
Amber Boudreau
Physical Education
Kris Busick
Administrative Assistant
Stacy Bussian
Third Grade
Jim Carlson
Special Education Aide
Sergio Carmona
Custodian (Central High)
Dee Christiansen-Philips
Reading (Title I) Director
Molly Clyden
Ashley Collins
Cafeteria Worker
Michelle Cunningham
Second Grade
Cathy Dagnan
7/8 Teacher
Carol Davidson
Dustin Dexter
Technology Director
Laura DeYoung
OT Assistant
Carrie Dumas
Fourth Grade