High School Sports will begin on August 9, 2021. All participants must have a current physical on file in order to participate in practice. Below are practice times for each sport and contact information for the coach.

        Sport                            Coach                                    email                                              Practice

Varsity Volleyball--Alysia Armstrong--aaromstron@cusd4.org            9:40-11:40 AM (after APT at                  8:30)

JV Volleyball---Alexa Wood                         awood@cusd4.org                         5:30-7:30 PM

Soccer                    Drew Granzow                      dgranzow@cusd4.org            4:00-6:00 PM

Football                     Brian Spooner                    bspooner@cusd4.org             3:00-

Golf                    See Article "Golf Returns To Central"

Swimming         (athletic secretary)               desiree-engelkens@ksd111.org