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Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences!

Hi! My name is Jackie Fink. Currently in my 18th year at CHS, I am now the "old timer" in the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) department. As a teacher in FACS, I am certified to teach all introductory, foods, clothing, child development, parenting, family living, living environments, and consumer education classes. I have also completed a Masters degree in reading. This fall I am teaching LIFE, Women in Society, Life Skills Foods, and Nutrition & Culinary Arts 2. This spring, I wil be teaching Nutrition & Culinary Arts 1, Women in Society, Parenting, and Life Skills Foods.

As you may have heard, I was supposed to be married this past June. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with our plans, and while a marriage ceremony is still in the plan, it will not be happening as soon as we like. So, for now, I'm still Ms. Fink! :) I hail from Gilman, Il. and graduated from Gilman High School. I have three sons, Luke, Clark, and Eli. Luke and Eli are college graduates and are working in their chosen career. Clark is also a college grad, but is currently taking a much needed break before continuing to work towards his doctoral degree. I am also an '87 and '04/'12 grad of Northeast Missouri State University (now called Truman University) and Olivet Nazarene University, respectively. I enjoy attending the theater, dancing, cooking, reading, bowling, the outdoors, and cheering on my favorite team...... the Packers! 

Please read below for a synopsis of the courses I teach:



LIFE is an introductory, prerequisite class to the FACS curriculum. The discussion-based class is designed to introduce students to the many facets of the department and to equip them to become conscientious, contributing members of their respective families, schools, and society as a whole. Most specifically, topics covered throughout the semester include relationship skills, families and children, consumer education, health and wellness, working in the kitchen, and clothing, as well as freshman orientation/high school success.   


Resource Management

Everything you wanted to know about the economy and your role as the consumer! In this class, students learning experiences will emphasize the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed by individuals and their families in the role of the consumer. Credit, budgeting, comparison-shopping, and the use of financial resources are some of the topics covered. Throughout the course emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of consumers will also be discussed. This course meets the requirements for the consumer education portion for the School Code of Illinois Section 27-12:1


Living Environments

This course if for those interested in all areas of the housing industry, including factors that influence housing, housing styles, purchasing a home, and the art principles related to decorating a home to fit the physical, emotional, social, and economic needs of an individual. Several small projects are added to ensure the information discussed and studied is used in a practical way.


Child Development

This course emphasizes knowledge and understanding of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social  (PIES) development of children, primarily from the teacher's perspective. The content will center around the duties of managing and organizing child development classrooms and centers, promoting child development in the four major components of development, practicing health and safety standards, providing nurturing and educational experiences for children in all areas of learning, encouraging children to maximize resources, implementing open family/classroom practices, and evaluating family and career relationships as they impact the child. Information related to careers in child, daycare, and educational services is also incorporated throughout the course.


Educational Child Growth and Development

If you are interested in being a child care provider, a teacher,or any other occupation involving children birth-adolescence, this class is for you. This class addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with supporting and promoting optimal growth and development of children. The focus is on research-based nurturing and parenting practices and skills, including brain development research, that support positive development of children. Basic research methods and developmental theories will be introduced.This is a 2 semester, dual credit course with KCC (CDEV1513)


Adult Living

This Junior/Senior class is designed to allow students to analyze the conditions that relate to their own individual physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development from the time of his/her birth through adulthood. Discussions revolve around the concepts of heredity and its link to individual identity, communication and problem-solving skills, family relationships, dating and marriage, family crises and concerns, and adulthood/old age. Each student is also asked to read "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman and apply the knowledge learned in this book to the different levels of relationships studied throughout the semester.



Last semester, we studied physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development from our own personal viewpoints. This class studies children from a parenting aspect, including everything from family planning & conception to birth and beyond. Each student will also be expected to care for a mechanical baby for a 3-5 day period and complete an extensive project on the requirements needed to effectively manage and care for a baby.

     5/10----- Chapter 17 discussion (in class)

                    Chapter 17 worksheet

     5/12----- Chapter 18 discussion (in class)

     5/14----- Chapter 18 discussion (in class)

                   Chapter 18 worksheet


Women In Society

This semester course is an introduction to the field of women’s studies, addressing the changing roles of women in families and society, as well as the cultural perceptions and issues they face. The course also aims to encourage students to think critically in regards to their own gender-based stereotypes and other personal gender matters, including such topics as occupational choices, marriage, sexuality, child-rearing, and family. Advocacy efforts and organizations/social service agencies addressing women’s issues will also be discussed and opportunities for collaboration provided.  

     5/10----- Issues Women Face: HT movie (in class)

     5/12----- Issues Women Face: HT movie (in class)

     5/14----- Issues Women Face: HT movie (in class)


Management & Leadership

This class will educate students on how to develop personal leadership styles/skills and how those styles/skills relate to various organizational behaviors. Students wil be encouraged to pursue leadership endeavors in their individual field(s) of interest. The course requires advanced reading, critical thinking skills, and leadership performance.


Nutrition & Culinary Arts I

This introductory class to foods deals primarily with all factors surrounding food and healthy food practices. Topics covered include understanding & interpreting the food guide pyramid, healthy/unhealthy eating practices, food safety and sanitation, proper use of equipment, knowledge and understanding of proper food terminology, etc. During the last nine weeks, we begin conducting foods labs in which students work with other team members to correctly interpret and complete a recipe for foods listed in the 5 food groups. Students are also required to keep a notebook with notes, handouts, and recipes to turn in at the end of the semester.

     5/10 & 5/11----- Lab (in class)

                              Prep for Chapter 16 & 18 test

     5/12 & 5/13----- Chapter 16 & 18 Test (in class)

     5/14 & 5/17----- Chapter 19 notes & discussion (in class)

                               Chapter 19 vocab


Nutrition & Culinary Arts II

This course continues the study of the Food Guide Pyramid as it pertains to the combination of food items, including nuts & legumes, salads, casseroles, etc. We also begin the baking unit ending with cakes. Students are again required to compile a notebook of the semester's materials and lab.


Nutrition & Culinary Arts III

This class continues to develop the information and skills acquired in the Foods 1 and Foods 2 class/laboratory setting. Units covered include food preservation, quick & yeast breads, cake decorating, candy-making, and other desserts. Meal planning/preparation and careers in the food industry are also discussed. Students are required to compile a notebook in this class as well.  



Food Occupations I & II

This hands-on course instructs the students in food safety and sanitation issues as addressed in the Illinois State Department of Health and Human Services Food Sanitation Code and allows them the opportunity to apply this new information, along with the skills learned in Foods I, II, and III, in an environment supplying large scale food production, i.e. the CHS Cafeteria! While they are not required 1/20----- No School: MLK Holiday to compile a notebook for this class, they will be gathering information on careers in the food industry, develop menu planning skills as they relate to government issued foods, and creating HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) documents.







Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences!

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