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Fall Musical

June 17, 2019

Hi Future Fall Musical Auditioners!

My name is Mrs. Emling and I will be directing the Fall Musical! I am excited to announce that we will be working in the swamp this year with Shrek Jr.! There are many exciting roles in this production and all are important so I hope you will come join us at auditions. Our auditions will be August 24 in the Central High School auditorium. Specific details about auditions that day will be coming soon including sign ups. Each auditioner will sing one song choice, say one line choice, and perform a short dance to show us. The songs and line choices are listed below. They do not have to be memorized but we would love to see the character of the role you are singing/reading for. The dance will be learned at a camp day in July to be announced soon and a video of the dance audition piece will be shared. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in.
Please fill out the following audition form and bring it with you to auditions:


If you have any questions please contact the Directors at chsfallmusical@gmail.com.

Shrek Jr. Vocal Auditions
Please just choose one song to sing for auditions:
Shrek – Big Bright Beautiful World ms 88-113
Storytellers – Big Bright Beautiful World ms 96 -113
Mama Ogre – Big Bright Beautiful World ms 13-20
Papa Ogre – Big Bright Beautiful World ms 20-27
Fiona – I know It’s Today – ms 61-79
Lord Farquaad – What’s Up Duloc II – ms 37-57
Dragon – Forever – ms 52-end including the all section
Donkey – Travel Song – ms 11-25
Pinocchio – Story of My Life – ms 10-25
Ugly Duckling/Wicked Witch/Big Bad Wolf/Peter Pan/3 Pigs – Story of My Life – ms 63-73
Gingy/Mama Bear/Papa Bear – Freak Flag – ms 10-24
Ensemble – I’m a Believer ms 14-34 Part 1 and Part 2 without Ahhs

Note: Here are the links to the tracks so that you can listen and prepare for auditions. Callbacks will be the same songs plus we may have you sing a song with others to see the chemistry between you. Any additional song selections will be gone over at callbacks before they are sung for the staff.


Lines for Shrek Jr. Auditions
Please just choose one line to read for auditions. It does not have to be memorized but we definitely want to see your best character portrayal come through!
Storyteller - Once upon a time, there was a little ogre named Shrek, who lived with his parents in a bog by a tree. It was a pretty nasty place, but he was happy because ogres like nasty.
Shrek – Helloooo! Anyone up there?! Shouldn’t you toss down some hair or something? No? All right, oh well. Phew. Aw great, I got one of the snoozers. Wake up!
Donkey – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help a donkey out, wouldja? I’m being chased by goons! I-don’t- wanna-die---I-don’t-wanna-die---I-don’t-wanna-die…
Fiona – You did it! You-did-it-you-did-it-you-did-it. You’re amazing, you’re wonderful, you’re…a little unorthodox I’ll admit but ---Thy deed is great, and thine heart is pure. I am eternally in your debt.
Lord Farquaad – Ooooo Princess Fiona. She sounds perfect. (thinking) Except for that dragon and lava thing. I’ll have to find someone else to go…I shall make Fiona m Queen, and dulocwill finally have the perfect King! Captain, take the cookie to the swamp with the rest of the fairy tale freaks! My loyal subjects! We’re going to get a queen! Maestro!
Pinocchio – Yeah, yeah, we read it. “All fairy tale creatures have been banished from the Kingdom of Duloc. All fruitcakes and freaks are hereby evicted.” Dumped on a swamp! Man, I tell ya, sometimes being a fairytale creature sucks pine-sap!
Gingy – No! No! I won’t speak! I won’t! Oh, it’s you…You’re a monster! And this is not a kingdom because you’re not a King! No! Not the buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!
Pigs - Hello! Vee can hear you! Vee are standing right here! Lord Farquad hoofed and he poofed, und he signed an eveectionnotice.
Big Bad Wolf – You mean the stories that say I’m a big “bad” wolf?
Wicked Witch – You mean the stories that say that I’m a “wicked” witch? Look here, ogre, I’m gonna spell it out for ya. You’re the only one tough enough to stand up to that no-good flim-flammer Farquaad.
Mama /Papa/Baby Bear – I thought you were going to help us. Instead you had us kicked out!
Peter Pan – I won’t grow up! We believed in you!
Fairytale Creatures/Ensemble – This guy is a sham! He’ll pay! Up with fairies! Power to the cookies! Yay to the dragon!

Note: If callbacks are needed we will be using scenes from the script for the auditioners to interact with each other. We will hand those to them at callbacks and just have them read them as the character. We have attached the script if you would like to read it before auditions as that will help you prepare and know what is occurring in the musical. You can also use the script to locate the songs and measures you would like to sing for auditions of the choices above.



Mrs. Emling

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