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Mrs. A. Boudreau

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K-4 Units

Once we have the rules and expectations down for the lower grades. We move on to personal space so there are less collisions.The game Road Trip is a fun way to learn about your bubble or personal space. We work on their locomotor like . . . read more

2nd grade - 4th grade P.E.

    Welcome back students and parents! To start the year off this year we will be doing soccer! Before every unit we always go over and practice each skill needed to play the game. So, in soccer we practice passing and . . . read more

Kindergarten and 1st grade PE

Welcome Parents! We are having so much fun in PE! These students are quick learners. They love playing the games and learning new skills. So far in class we have went on a road trip where we learned about our personal space or . . . read more

More K/1 PE

Since the students have learned all of their locomotor skills like skipping and hopping,they are ready to play the fun Mr. Fox game! I encourage all my students to show thier parents or to practice all these skills at home as well! . . . read more

Physical Education

            WELCOME BACK!                         read more


by Amber Boudreau

In August and September the PE classes took part in the flag football, flickerball and soccer  units. Each unit was followed up with a study guide and a test. . . . read more Feedback

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