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Mr. William Corona Distance Learning Assignment Week 4 and 5 For May 1st and May 8th

April 25, 2020

Mr. Williams- 2020 Assignments #4 and #5

US History, World History and Geography:


Hard Copy Assignment #4 and #5 World History, US History and Basic Geography

It is very important for people to know and understand the events that are happening locally, nationally, and globally. You are required to complete two current events assignments. The due dates are listed on the reverse side. This assignment consists of reading an article pertaining to local, national, or international social studies content (history, economics, archeology, or politics). Articles can be found in credible newspapers, magazines and broadcast news media sources.

The purpose of this assignment is to (1) increase your ability to research current issues in social studies, (2) to increase your understanding of a particular area (of your choosing) in social studies, and (3) to be able to critically evaluate news articles regarding contemporary issues.

You are to include the following criteria in your assignment:

1. Proper Titles – 4pts. a. Your full name and article number in the top right hand corner. b. What is the name of the article? Exact wording in bold-type, centered on the page.

2. Article Source (Suggested sites can be found on back of page) – 6pts.  a. Using the APA style of citation, where did you get the article? b. Cut out, photocopy or print the article and attach it with YOUR written thoughts. c. If you are using an internet article or TV broadcast there will not be an attachment. To receive points include a hyperlink address. (MUST connect directly to the article or broadcast.)

 3. Summary – 10pts.  a. In YOUR words, briefly summarize the content of the article. b. Four (4) sentence minimum.

4. Analysis – 10pts. a. What are the positions held by the people mentioned in the article? b. How do you feel about this event/issue? c. How does or how could this event affect you? d. Can you detect author bias within the article? Explain (use quotes) e. Four (4) sentence minimum using the examples above as a guide.

5. Impact – 10pts. a. Why is this event of significance? (Why should you or I care?) b. Could this event be part of a larger issue? Explain how it fits. c. Three (3) sentence minimum.

Write your paper in paragraph form using good sentence structure with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Write the paper in your own words. If you need to use a short quote, cite properly. The paper should be one page in length, double spaced with one inch margins and in 12-point font. 

This is not a critique of whether the article is good or bad. This assignment is a reasoned opinion of the issue presented in the article.  It is designed to get you to explore your attitudes/thoughts/beliefs on various topics in the currents world of Social Studies. Your opinion should draw on your own background knowledge and understanding, the information in the article, and your personal views. The result is expected to be an exercise in your critical thinking skills.


Friday May 1st 2020 Article #1

Friday May 8th 2020 Article #2

News Sources (Options but you can find your own)

www.nytimes.com (New York Times - newspaper)

www.washingtontimes.com (Washington Times – newspaper)

www.washingtonpost.com (Washington Post – newspaper)

www.latimes.com (Los Angeles Times – newspaper)

www.chicagotribune.com (Chicago Tribune – newspaper)

www.msnbc.com (NBC – broadcast T.V. news and its various entities)

www.cnn.com (CNN – cable T.V. news)

www.usnews.com (U.S. News & World Report - magazine)

www.foxnews.com (Fox – cable T.V. news)

www.abcnews.go.com (ABC – broadcast T.V. news)

www.cbsnews.com (CBS – broadcast T.V. news)

www.yahoo.com (Yahoo! – internet news, search by national and world)

www.daily-journal.com/  (Daily Journal- local news)

www.time.com/time/ (Time Magazine)

www.reuters.com/ (Reuters News Service)

www.ap.org/ (Associated Press News Service)

www.bloomberg.com/  (Bloomberg News Report)

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