Kris and Gina

Mrs. Busick

Position: Administrative Assistant (Guidance)

Hometown (High School): Sheldon, Ill. (Sheldon High School)

College/University (Degree): Kankakee Community College (Associates)

Years at Central High School: 6

Favorite thing about Central High School: The small community, hometown feel.

Why you got into teaching: I enjoy seeing kids succeed and if I can help at all in that journey, bonus!

High school activities/groups/clubs/sports: Yearbook editor, volleyball, Shehian (school newspaper), chorus, band and SADD

Favorite subject in school: English

Favorite teacher: Mr. Dyche

Favorite snack: Dark chocolate or something salty

Favorite book: Winter Solstice

Favorite activity away from school: Traveling or listening to music

Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs

Something unique: Redheads are rare. They make up less than 2% of the population. Of that approximate 2%, only .17% of those people have blue eyes. I have both.