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Chapter 2 Vocabulary Test Study Guide

December 17, 2014

Chapter Three Vocabulary Test Study Guide Nebula - A large cloud of dust and gas in interstellar space. Planetesimals -  Small planets Globules - Gas clouds Solar Nebula . . . read more

Weekly Science Homework Assignments

December 15, 2014

Weekly Homework Packet for Science   Important Notes: *Assume that all the work assigned for the day is due the next day, at the start of class, unless otherwise noted. *Please . . . read more

Chapter 3, Section 3 Notes

December 9, 2014

Chapter 3, Section 3 Notes – The Earth Takes Shapes A. Earth Contents      1. Made mostly of rock and three fourths of surface is covered with water.       2. Earth is . . . read more

Chapter 3, Section 2 Solar Activity Notes

December 4, 2014

D. Solar Activity 1. Sunspots are created when activity within the convection zone slows down causing areas of the photosphere to become cooler. 2. Sunspots are cooler, dark spots that formed on the photosphere of the sun and . . . read more

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