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5th Grade Wax Museum

On May 20th, the 5th grade held their annual Wax Museum.  Students started preparing for this a month in advance!  5th graders read a "Who Was..." book about thier famous person.  Then in class they worked on writing . . . read more


5th grade science

April 26, 2016

The 5th graders have been working diligently learning the engineering process and making catapults.  Students were told they had to make two catapults that will complete 3 tasks.  Two tasks were based on power and one based on . . . read more

It is summer!!!

To the 2014-2015 5th grade class: I'm glad I was your teacher I've come to love you so. I can't believe the end is here.   I hate to see you go. You're such a star . . . read more

Scientific Method

To Start the year in Science, 5th graders have been learning about the scientific method.  They have learned the 6 steps: ask a question, research, form a hypothesis, experiment, analyze results, and draw conclusions.  As a class . . . read more

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Mrs. Ponton's webpage

  Mrs. Ponton's homework assignments Correction Directions Meet the Teacher   Submit Homework Files Here   New Common Core test for 2014-2015 . . . read more

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