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August 25, 2014

Biology Mon and Tues: sign safety contract and Test next class Wed and Thurs:  binder 4 Domain Chart read more


Anatomy and Physiology Mon.: B 4 Homeostasis Vocabulary pg 9-11  7 words: must be on index cards or paper with a distinct division of word and definition.   Read, sign and study safety contract   . . . read more

Classroom Expectations

I believe these expectations to be fair, reasonable and necessary in establishing a positive, productive classroom. 1. Homework is to be completed before you enter the classroom. 2. Be in your seat when the bell rings. 3. . . . read more

Biology and Anatomy/ Physiology

The required Biology course is a discussion and lab based course about the study of life.  Topics covered will range from the scientific method, cellular processes, chemical composition, genetics to kingdoms and classification. . . . read more

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