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Computer Lab News

April 24, 2014

Welcome to the Computer Lab


Your students have been working very hard this year in the Lab.  

Kindergarten has been working on their alphabet and numbers.  This nine weeks they are also working on Dance Mat Typing.  I want them to get familiar with where the keys are on the keyboard and next year I will really focus on making sure they put their fingers on the homerow keys.

First grade have been working on their reading and math skills.  They also have been working on Dance Mat Typing, and soon will be working on Typing Web and Study Island.

Second grade has been working on Study Island, math skills, reading skills, typing skills, and just recently they have been working on money and telling time.

Third and fourth grade have been working on Study Island and Typing Web all year, along with a few days of free choice educational.

My goal for all of my little chicks is to know when they leave this building to go to the middle school as fifth graders they know how to type fluently without looking at the key board.   I have been telling my little chicks that when they are in fifth grade they will be graded on their typing skills and their keyboards will be covered.

Here are some fun educational programs for your little chicks to do at home if you have the internet.

Starfall   www.starfall.com                                                                                      Typing Web    www.typingweb.com/tutor          

Dance Mat Typing    www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/                                                Multiplicaton    www.multiplication.com     

ABCYA      www.abcya.com                                                                                  Kidz page     www.thekidzpage.com                                

Sheppards Software      www.sheppardsoftware.com                                               Study Island   www.studyisland.com 

World Book   http://www.worldbookonline.com     Username is chebanse    Password is    meteors   your chicks can look up things plus for the kindergarten and first graders even second graders you can click on the early literacy and there are puzzles, games and books they can listen to  and even read.  This is a very fun site.  

If you ever have any questions please contact me by email or here at school by phone.   

Dawn Haigh

Chebanse Elementary 

Computer Lab Aide


(815) 697-2642 



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