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Where did our time go?

June 06, 2014

Well it is that time of year to say good bye to my chicks, and wait to see them again next fall. I am going to miss this fourth grade class. They have been awesome and excellent roll models for the younger students. I saw great improvement in all of the children on their typing skills. First grade to fourth graders can tell you where the home row keys are. Several of the older students challenged themselves while they were typing, by not looking at the keyboard. I am very proud of all of them. If we have rainy days during the summer, which I am sure we will. Here are some sites you may want to work on with your children. Starfall: www.starfall.com --This program teaches children their alphabet and alphabet sounds, how to make words, and learning to start reading, and they can read lots of books. Dance Mat Typing: www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/ --This program teaches the children where the keys are and how to place your fingers on the keyboard. I love to listen to the animals talk on this program. Typing Web: www.typingweb.com/tutor --This is another typing program that starts at a beginner level and you work you way up to an Advance level. Also the wonderful thing about this program is it saves what you work on. I had second-fourth graders on this program. They loved it. I had some of my third graders, hide their wording and just show the keyboard on the screen and they just looked at that. I felt this was very challenging, and I was proud they were challenging themselves. The children have a username and password for this program. This is their AR username and password. Some of the children's usernames I had to add a number, due to the fact their username was used by someone else in the system. Worldbook: www.worldbookonline.com --This is our encyclopedia on line. There are several areas to go on. There is an Early learning for the children to read, learn their shapes, colors, etc. There is a Kids area and a Student area. The children love this program. Username is: chebanse password is: meteors ABCYA: www.abcya.com --This program has several learning games. The levels are Kindergarten-fifth grade. Lots of fun activity on this site. Sheppardsoftware: www.sheppardsoftware.com --This program has several educational games. Study Island: www.studyisland.com --This program helps the students prepare for the ISAT (PARCC) Testing. First-fourth grade students worked on this program. I am keeping all of the students in their grade level through the summer months. Just encase they want to work on it. Username is their first initial to their first name and whole last name @chebanse example: dhaigh@chebanse password is their first name. Kidzpage: www.thekidzpage.com --Several educational programs along with holiday games and just some fun games. Sometimes "Ya Just Gotta Have Fun" Multiplication: www.multiplication.com --This site has lots of multiplication games on it, the children love learning and playing at the same time. As you can see, Mrs. Haigh loves to learn but also have some fun in here. As I told the students at the beginning of this year. This room is the "Happy Happy Happy" Place (as Mr. Phil says on Duck Dynasty) I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer. I look forward to seeing my chicks in the fall. If you have any questions please e-mail me I will try and check my e-mail everyday. You can e-mail me at dhaigh@cusd4.org or dawnhaigh67@hotmail.com

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