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Have A Great Summer!

June 02, 2015

Dear Families,


          Summer is a very enjoyable season for children but we must not forget the academic skills the students have acquired.


         Earlier this week, your child brought home a cursive packet that we have worked on this year.  The arrows show the proper way to make these letters. Have your child practice this skill by copying words in cursive or writing letters to friends and relatives. The more they use this skill the better they will become.


          Also I encourage you to have your child use their math skills this summer.  There are many great math websites that your child can use to practice addition and subtraction facts.  They could also practice problems that involve regrouping.


          Also let your child have the opportunity to use money (quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  Maybe they could purchase some small item using these coins to figure out the correct amount.


          Summer visits to the library can be rewarding and relaxing.  If time permits, ask your child about the books they are reading or them read to a grandparent or younger child.


          In the area of language encourage your child to write this summer.  It could be a letter to a friend or a relative, or perhaps a short story about a fun time or even a poem.  Your child has worked hard to attain useful skills which should be expanded on this summer.


          I wish all of you a healthy and happy summer.  Thanks for a great year and all your fine cooperation.


Have a great summer!

Barbie Boudreau

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