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Computer Lab News

February 15, 2013

Your children have been working very hard here in the computer lab.  I am very proud of them.

Kindergarten has been working on their letters and numbers, and I just introduced Dance Mat
Typing to them. My goal for them is to learn where the keys are on the keyboard and then learn this year the home row keys.  

First grade has been working on Study Island, reading, math facts and their typing also.  My goal on the typing is to get them to use the keyboard the right way, by hands on home row keys and then stretching their fingers to use the other keys. 

Second grade has been working on Study Island, their reading, math facts, time, money and their typing skills also.  My goal for them is to have their hand on the home row keys and start to know where the keys are by not looking at them.  They are doing an awesome job.  I tell them it is going to take time and practice not looking at the keyboard but there is no rush. We have two more years before I know they can type without looking.

Third and fourth graders have been working VERY HARD on their Study Island.  I am very proud and pleased with their results on this program.

If you are looking for some educational programs for your children to play on the computer here are a few we work on here at school.

Starfall:  www.starfall.com   Preschool, Kindergarten, and first graders--learning letters, letter sounds, putting words together, and learning to read.

ABCYA:  www.abcy.com  Kindergarten-fifth graders---Several educational games and just for fun games.

Dance Mat Typing: www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing  All ages----Learning how to type the correct way and have fun doing it.

Study Island:  www.studyisland.com  First grade-fourth grade---Preparing for the ISATS.  Username is your childs first initial to first name whole last name @chebanse and their password is their first name.  (example:  username:  dhaigh@chebanse   password: dawn )

World Book:  www.worldbookonline.com  Kindergarten-fourth grade---- World Book Kids, World Book Student, World Book Discover, Early World of Learning.  Lots of educational information for researching papers and just learning about just anything.

Kinderweb:  www.kinderwebgames.com   Preschool and Kindergarten--educational games to learn alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors etc....

Learning Games For Kids:  www.learninggamesforkids.com Preschool thru fifth grade---several educational games for children of all ages.

Cyberkidz:  www.cyberkidzgames.com  Preschool thru fifth grade---more educational games for children  of all ages.

IXL:  www.ixl.com  Preschool thru Geometry----Math website for several math skills.

Sheppard Software:  www.sheppardsoftware.com Preschool- fifth grade----Hundreds of educational games and activities for kids of all ages.

Willoughby:  www.willoughby-eastlake.k12.oh.us  Preschool-fifth grade---Several Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language arts lessons for the children.

Kidzpage:  www.thekidzpage.com Kindergarten-fifth grade----Several educational games and fun activities.

Multiplicaiton Games   www.multiplication.com Third-fifth grade--Several fun educational games and lessons to learn and teach multiplication. Several resources also on this site.

If you have any questions  or concerns about any of these sites please give me a call or e-mail me. I can be reached at the school 7:30-3:30 everyday.  Phone number is 815-697-2642 or e-mail me at dhaigh@cusd4.org.  



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